Hinduism: A Science

Hinduism is an Atheism(Science) and a theism at the same time


"Long story short "

Universe (Brahmand) consists of 4 things

1. Param atma (Energy)

2. Param tatva (Matter)

3. Maha kal (Time )

4. Kal (Black space)

(Today Science says

Space and Time are not different they are different attributes of 1 thing and Hindus use 1 word "Kal")

1. Param Atma

2. Param tatva

Both are Param (Supreme)

Hence equal

Atma = Tatva

Energy = Matter

E = M

E = MC^2 (After Solar formation)

Both are Immortal

Both can not be created nor destroyed only translated ( or incarnated) into another form (or body )

Both are Trinity

Energy has trinity aspects

1. Creation +ve

2. Preservaton =

3. Destruction -ve

Matter has trinity aspects

1. Proton +ve

2. Neutron =

3. Electron -ve

Hindus personified it as

1. Brahma +ve

2. Vishnu =

3. Shiva -ve

( Anu Anu me Vishnu Vishnu hai

Kankar Kankar me shankar shankar hai)

Since Energy and matter are two

2 types of worship

1. Meditation (Yog-Connection between atma and param atma )

2. Idol worshipping (Param tatva)

Why idol worshipping?

Hindus do the same rituals on the purchase of car bike house TV AC etc which we do before idols


A car can be moulded into an Idol of Natraja

But no change in the composition of the proton neutron electron

So Hindus are not only idol worshiper but worshippers of the entire spread of the Universe as the cosmic form of Lord Krishna(Brahm)


Singularity as Shivling

Functions of Param tatva

1. Proton and neutron are always connected form Nucleous

Brahma and Vishnu are also always connected through navel cord (Nabhi)

Nucleous Hindi name is also "Nabhi"

2. Electrons always revolve in its ring

Depicted as

Shiva's dance in the ring of fire

Functions of Param Atma

2. Preservation

Vishnu the personification of preservative aspect of the Universe energy



Vishnu the preserver

We all are manifestions of Lord Vishnu

1st ideal avatar of Vishnu was Fish 🐠

2nd ideal avatar of Vishnu was Turtle 🐢

Where he came on land

Now in last 150 years

Science said the same how life evolved and preservered on Earth

1. Creation

Universe born out of nothingness (0) and will merge back to nothingness(0)

Nothingness is represented by 0 given by AryaBhat

0 is an ellipsoide shaped Shivling which banged and infinity came into being



The Universe

3. Destruction

Since Universe born out of nothingness(0= *Bigbang*) and will merge back to nothingness(0= *Big crunch*)

Shivling is the source of creation as well as destruction

Shivling (0)has 2 functions


2 types of worships

1. Creation (0) -Inner consiousness

2. Destruction (0) - surrounded by a disc

1. Creation (0)

Pouring water on Shivling and placing shivling near water bodies symbol of cooling down it's energies so that it wont bang

2.Destruction (0)

Bhasm Arti - raining down of human ashes on shivling shows destruction of human

Now Science says there is a destructible energy Black hole and same way it destroys planets into dust and ultimately collapses into singularity (Shivling)

Now String theory looked into quarks and found out viberations at different frequencies

These Viberations are nothing but Eco of Om(Omkar)

All Trinity principles start with viberation Om

1. Om Namo Brahma

2. Om Namo Narayanai

3. Om Namah Shivay

All Hindu prayers start with OM

Omkar(Eco of Om) represents the start of the physical universe


Param atma + Param tatva + Maha kal + Kal = Universe (Brahm or Brahmand)

The highest manifestion of Brahm is Para Brahm



In Vedas

It's written

Worship both

1. Sambhuti (Matter)

2. Asambhuti (Energy)

Otherwise you will go into darkness

While we worship Param tatva(Matter) more not Param atma (Energy)


Do Meditation for 1 hour every day with/without chanting Om

It rejuvenates ur body and soul

All sages did meditation,

Ravan did meditation ,

Lord Buddha did meditation to empower themselves


Here is one amazing fact

There are religions which couldn't tell the size of the earth but

Hindus told the size of the Universe

Brahm + and(a) = Brahmand

Universe + ellipsoid =Universe is in ellipsoid shape

Bhu+ Gol(a) = Earth is sphere

Now Science accepted in 21st century

Universe is in ellipsoide shape and rejected "Universe in Bubble" theory

While we say Para Brahm (not Para Brahmand)

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